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Shameless - Early And Queen Demos (1998)

 Artist: Shameless (International)

Album name: Early And Queen Demos

Style: Hard Rock (Glam Rock)

Year of manufacture: 1998

Tracklist / description:

01. We're Gonna Have A Party Tonight
02. Just One Night
03. Too Hot to Handle
04. Here It Comes
05. I'm so Good
06. Hot And Nasty [Live]
07. Glam Boys Need Toys
08. No Bonies Rip Trash
09. Shock Me
10. Night Time in the Right Time
11. Lonely Night In Paradise
12. Steal The Girlz
13. Far Away
14. Shock The World
15. Queen 4 A Day
16. I'm So Good
17. I Do not Think I Luv You
18. You Can not Stop Me
19. Tomorrow (We're Gonna Fall In Love)

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