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Richie Sambora - Stranger In This Town (Japan) (1991)

Artist: Richie Sambora (U.S.A.)

Album title: Stranger In This Town (Japan)

Style: Hard Rock, Rock (Classic Rock / Blues Rock)

Year: 1991

Tracklist / description:

01. Rest in Peace
02. Church of Desire
03. Stranger in This Town
04. Ballad of Youth
05. One Light Burning
06. Mr. Bluesman (Solo by Eric Clapton)
07. Rosie
08. River of Love
09. Father Time
10. The Answer
11. The Wind Cries Mary (Bonus track on selected copies)

Stranger in This Town is the first solo studio album by Richie Sambora, the guitarist from the New Jersey band Bon Jovi. The album was released in 1991, while Bon Jovi was on a 17-month hiatus. Jon Bon Jovi also released a solo album, Blaze of Glory (1990), during this period.

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