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Bride - Snakes In The Playground (1993)

Artist: Bride (USA)

Album title: Snakes In The Playground

Style: Hard Rock

Year: 1993

Tracklist / description:

01 Rattlesnake
02 Would You Die for Me
03 Psychedelic Super Jesus
04 Fallout
05 Saltriver Shuffle
06 Dust Through a Fan
07 I Miss the Rain
08 Do not use me (intro)
09 Do not use me
10 Picture Perfect
11 Love, money
12 Some Things Never Change
13 Goodbye (intro)
14 Goodbye

Dale Thompson - Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Tambourine, Shakers
Troy Thompson - Guitar, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Viola
Rik Foley - Bass
Jerry McBroom - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Plinky - Piano and Keys, Background Vocals
Rick Elias - Harmonica
Dez Dickerson - Lead Guitar
Greg Martin - Lead Guitar
Derek Ian - Lead Guitar
Ricke Florian - Harmony Vocals
Peter Furler - Background Vocals
John James - Background Vocals

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