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Dare Force - Makin' Our Own Rules (1985)

Artist: Dare Force
Country: USA
Album: Makin 'Our Own Rules
Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 1985

Track Listing:

1.Looking for Some Action
2.Just One Night
3.Running from Your Shadow
4.Not Gonna Let You Hurt Me
5.Let It Fly
6.Makin' Our Own Rules
7.Come When You Call
8.Double Dealer
9.Waited Such a Long Time
10.You're in Danger
11.Soul on Fire
12.Dreamin' With You
13.Pushin' Your Luck
14.Don't Turn Your Heart Away
15.Trying to Make It
16.You're a User
17.Wanna Rock and Roll
18.Agent of Night
19.Living Without You
20.On My Way

Brian Bart guitars, vocals, keyboards
Johnny O'Neil guitars, vocals
Brian Lorenson bass guitar
Johnnie Bolin drums
Mark Miller drums

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