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Foreigner - Foreigner (1977)

Artist: Foreigner (USA)

Album Title: Foreigner (Japan Remaster 2007)

Style: Hard Rock (AOR)

Year: 1977 

Tracklist / description:

01. Feels Like The First Time 
02. Cold As Ice 
03. Starrider 
04. Headknocker 
05. The Damage Is Done 
06. Long, Long Way from Home 
07. Woman Oh Woman 
08. At War with the World 
09. Fool For You Anyway 
10. You Need I 

Bonus Tracks:
11. Feels Like The First Time (Demo) 
12. Woman Oh Woman (Demo) 
13. At War With The World (Demo) 
14. Take Me To Your Leade (Demo)

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