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If Only - No Bed of Roses (1992)

Artist: If Only (UK)

Album title: No Bed of Roses [Remastered 2012]

Style: Hard Rock

Year: 1992 

Tracklist / description:

01. Loaded Gun
02. Tumblin' Dice
03. If Love Could Last Forever
04. I'm No Angel
05. No Bed of Roses
06. Easy Lay
07. Rock and a Hard Place
08. Red Hot Heaven
09. Ghost of You
10. Forever My Love
11. Long Way From Home
12. Man Against the World

Bonus Tracks:
13. All Over
14. Stand Like a Stone
15. Don't Let Go
16. Shotdown
17. Tight Jeans

Tina Egan: Vocals (1-12, 17) R.I.P. '99
Ian Edwards: Bass, Keyboard
Judit Armstrong: Keyboard
Nobby Styles: Guitar
Andy Elphick: Drums
Greg Hart: Guitar, Keyboard
Jackie Bodimead: Vocals (13-16) (ex-Girlschool)

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