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Artist: Gary Moore
Album: Corridors Of Power
Country: Ireland
Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 1982

Personnel :
Gary Moore - guitars, vocals
Don Airey - keyboards
Jack Bruce - vocals
Bobby Chouinard - drums
Ian Paice - drums
Tommy Eyre - keyboards
Mo Foster - bass
Neil Murray - bass


01. Do not Take Me For A Loser
02. Always Gonna Love You
03. Wishing Well
04. Gonna Break My Heart Again
05. Falling In Love With You
06. End Of The World
07. Rockin 'Every Night
08. Cold Hearted
09. I Can not Wait Until Tomorrow
10. Falling In Love With You (remix)
11. Falling In Love With You (remix instrumental)
12. Love Can Make A Fool Of You

Gary Moore - Corridors Of Power (1982)

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