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Mariah - Somewhere Between Heaven And Earth (1991)

Artist: Mariah (USA)

Album title: Somewhere Between Heaven And Earth

Style: Hard Rock (Melodic Hard Rock)

Year: 1991 

Tracklist / description:

01. The First Day 
02. The Great Divide 
03. Gettin Away With Murder 
04. 90 Days Of Cool 
05. Heaven And Earth 
06. Under Suspicion 
07. Radio Days 
08. I Wanna Be With You 
09. Cry Of The Innocent 
10. No Stopping Me 
11. White Lightning

 Line up: Dennis Lind - Vocals, Guitar 
Tim Compton - Guitar 
David Livingston - Bass 
Jimmy Dilella - Keyboards, Guitar 
Johnny Dee - Drums

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