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M.ILL.ION - NO.1 (1993)

Artist: M.ill.ion 
Album: No.1 
Country: Sweden 
Genre: Hard & Heavy 
Year: 1993

01.Sign of Victory
 03.Time After Time
05.Live It or Leave It 
06.Winds of Change 
08.Desperate Love  
09.Hold Me Touch Me 
10. the Poseur 
11.Take It to the Limit 
12.I Wanna Know

M.ill.ion - No.1 1993 (Japanese Edition XRCN-1077) (Lossless + MP3)

Hasse Johansson - Vocals 
Stefan Wetterlind - Guitars 
Roland Christoffersson - Drums 
BJ Laneby - Bass 
Markus Ydkvist - Keyboards 
CT Rohdell - Guitars

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