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Dead Bang - Dancin’ on the Edge (1994)

Artist: Dead Bang (Germany)

The album's title: Dancin 'on the Edge

Style: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Year of release: 1994

Tracklist / description:

01. Dancin 'On The Edge
02. Take It All
03. Shoot It Down
04. Satisfaction
05. End Of Time
06. Hot Blooded
07. Your Love Is A Drug
08. On The Road
09. Long Way Home
10. Do not Need Your Love
11. Girls (Are You Ready)

Line up:

Frank Maertin - Bass
Holger Makarowski - Drums
Jack Hansel - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Groeper - Lead Vocals
Pete Grutzmann - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

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