Slaughter-Stick It To Ya (1990)

Stick It to Ya is the debut studio album by American rock band Slaughter. It was released in 1990 by Chrysalis Records. It sold over 2 million copies and became one of the biggest albums of 1990. "Up All Night"(#27), "Fly to the Angels"(#19) & "Spend My Life"(#39) all charted in the Top 40 on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 and their videos were in solid rotations on the various music television outlets. "Mad About You" also received considerable airplay on Album Rock stations as the band toured to support the release. The LP was also nominated for a best metal album of the year at the 1991 American Music Awards show. Music videos were made for the singles "Up All Night", "Fly to the Angels", "Spend My Life", and "Mad About You".

Slaughter would support Kiss on their Hot in the Shade Tour and later supported Poison on their Flesh and Blood Tour


01. Eye To Eye (3 : 57) 
02. Burnin 'Bridges (4:06) 
03. Up All Night (4:17) 
04. Spend My Life (3:20) 
05. Thinking Of June (1:05) 
06. She Wants More (3 : 54) 
07. Fly To The Angels (5:06) 
08. Mad About You (4:08) 
09. That's Not Enough (3:26) 
10. You Are The One (3:55) 
11. Gave Me Your Heart (3:50)
12. Desperately (3:34) 
13. Loaded Gun (4:18) 
14. Fly To The Angels (Acoustic Version) (3:22) 
15. Wingin 'It (1:20) 
16. Mad About You (Original Demo ) [Bonus track] (3:27) 
17. She Wants More (Original Demo) [Bonus track] (3:56) 
18. Up All Night (Original Demo) [Bonus track] (3:46) 
19. Fly To The Angels (Original Demo) [Bonus track] (5:07)

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